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We Are Currently Living In Interesting Times

We are currently living in interesting times. Times during which the freedoms we had even a year ago have now seemingly vanished. What we might have taken for granted in the past has now either become an act of abnormality, resistance or simply disappeared. While we probably would have not wasted much thought on how freedom of speech and acting could have incited anything less than a year ago, we are now continuously being labeled and put in boxes. If not by the fakestream media, then your fellow (brainwashed) peer or someone else, who thinks having an opinion about you is anything you should actually care about.

Be part of the crowd or you're part of the problem. At least that's how it appears to be for some. Questioning one's reality and being critical of what everyone is dishing onto your plates nearby is the most crucial trait you can display during these times. Don't let anyone take that away from you. They've already tried to take away way too much these days (Image by WH).

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