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Welcome To Powerful June!

Welcome to the power month of June! Today is a 6-6 date in a 6 year (June 6, 2022). June 6th has always been a powerful date. It was today that the allied troops of the US and UK invaded Normandy (also known as D-Day). It was also today that some other important political decisions were made around the world in history. The month of June marks exactly the middle of the year and it initiates us to re-evaluate how things are going and where we are heading. In addition, it is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and a time to rejoice into the warmer weather and events.

The name June originally comes from the Roman goddess "Juno." She is the queen of gods and patroness of marriage and weddings. It is no wonder that so much love is found all throughout the month of June. June is also seen as the official month of roses, since it is during this season that this powerful flower would bloom and unfold in all it's beauty. Among all flowers, roses apparently carry the highest of all vibrations. The frequency of roses is measured at 320 Hz.

In my healing sessions, I always use at least one rose, no matter if it’s an in-person or remote session. The effect is the same. It doesn’t necessarily matter what color your rose is, either. Although I find the red rose to be the most powerful, I have also worked with pink, white, yellow roses - you name it. The white rose can be very soothing when it comes to peace and forgiveness. The pink one can be quite helpful in all matters of relationships, including friendships and working through parental wounds / childhood wounds.

June brings in power! Gemini season (and Cancer season at its tail end) is here to revive and illuminate. It also helps that we are finally moving out of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is the planet that rules the sign of Gemini and stands for communication, contracts, writing and more. Movement is now coming in in one form or another. People may also feel like they want things to happen on a quicker level than they have perhaps felt in the past. June rings in the solstice, celebrations, picnics and else. Even during my time in Australia a few years ago, the Southern Hemisphere was celebrating with events such as Vivid Sydney (a light festival) and else. It is a wonderful month to be in, indeed!

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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