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About Laura from Shamanic Self: My Path and Journey

My path and journey from the false white light agendas to where I am now.

Hello friends,

My name is Laura from Shamanic Self. It has been a while since I've introduced myself. And since you are getting to know me and my teachings better, I think it's time for a proper blog post on this. So without further ado, here it is:

My Story: Deprogramming from the narrative

What does it mean to be a targeted individual and a warrior to end the matrix deceptions? From a young age on we are being targeted, singled out, made to go through the struggle. We are thrown several curveballs, deceptions, and deceitful people in the way. To deter us from ever discovering how powerful we are and what our purpose of creation is. I believe we can truly create what we want to in this lifetime once we crack the code and program that surrounds us.

There are so many programs that want to keep us here, make us feel better, rob us of our powers. Some of those are the new age, religion, worshipping other entities. It takes a while to see through all of those and notice – they really are getting us nowhere. And when that occurs, we have already made several steps forwards (instead of sideways or backwards).

Growth - growth occurs in many forms. Just like you, I was deceived several times in my life. Here is a glimpse into my story and how I get to do what I do now. 

2014-2019: Life in the New Age

From 2014 to 2019, I fell for the same new age crap you perhaps have. My journey started when coming across Eckhart Tolle and Dolores Cannon. After a particularly challenging job in corporate America, I took a year-long time-out and did what my soul called me to do. During this year-long stint, a friend recommended the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to me. And so I dug in - not knowing any better. I devoured his book "The Power of Now." I still believe today it gave me a good outlook to stay in the present moment without worrying too much about the future or having the anxiety of past failures and mistakes catch up to me. But even my (sometimes naïve) mother was already voicing her concerns when I started telling her about the book material (mothers do know best!) in 2014.

In the same year, said friend also recommended Dolores Cannon to me. Her book series "Convoluted Universe" was my best friend and devout reading literature on my way to work when taking the subway (and it was a long ride back and to). Then I spiraled through a wormhole of YouTube videos. I got caught up with watching and not questioning all the prominent new age gurus, spiritual charlatans and tarot card readers.

After all this, I was hooked. I was really enamored with the wishy-washy concepts the New Age sells you as special and extra-ordinary. Such as "Starseeds,", the chosen 144,00 ones, the ascension trap, the New Earth lie, the 5th dimension - you name it! All these dangerous narratives, which the New Age and other occult programs alike teach to the ones who are first opening up their minds to think outside of the mainstream news box. It felt I needed this to cling onto the reality this program was creating - through me and everyone else following it.

I had readings done and attended workshops by some of the people who I now call out on my Youtube channel. I am not doing it to be revengeful but because I experienced what it did to me. Most if not all of their predictions misled me even further and some did severe psychic damage. I dove into the new age modalities, such as channeling, crystal healing, Reiki I & II. After my last Reiki initiation I was so severely attacked by entities that my life literally fell apart after this. I didn't exactly see it that way until years later but hindsight is always crystal clear (as we now know). I spent heaps of my hard-earned money on cacao ceremonies, Kundalini yoga courses, sound healing events - so many of which were popping up all over Brooklyn at the time.

Within a few short weeks, I had lost everything I had. Including my home of 5+ years, a long-standing relationship, good friendships and other things. Just like several times to come, I had to completely redefine my life.

This was also the period I discovered Shamanic Healing as a modality. And while most of my teachers had a new age background, the core Shamanic principles still stuck to me and I decided to pursue them. I knew if I could flesh them out, add my own knowledge and some solid removal methods to it, which were never taught before, they would absolutely be worth pursuing and passing on to others in the form of my own teachings and knowledge. This is what I do in my signature course “Be your own shaman." To date this is the only one of my courses that teaches how to do your own removals, soul retrievals, call back your entire soul and major soul pieces - in the most comprehensive, non-new-agey way.

2020 and on: 

After a life-changing, six-month journey on the other side of the world (Australia! hey) in 2019, I found myself severely depleted, mentally confused and psychically blocked like never before. It turns out this was the turning point the universe gave me to either make things right or continue falling for the new age crap and other agendas. And I knew which route I wanted to go. It took months to get my life and, more importantly, psyche back in order.


I had to deprogram myself from every single thing I had learned in the years before. I had to delete, unfollow and block all people I had admired, looked up to and followed up until that date. I had to dive deep into the realm of deceptions and find out myself how a lot of big names are controlled opposition, have entities attached to them, and are legit manipulated by a device or astral entity, which energetically keeps them in check.

If there is one thing I can say to you is that psychic attacks are real. When I did all this, things didn’t look too pretty. But I slowly gained my confidence and, more importantly, my truth back. With that I set out into the online world once again to share it with others. I now educate others on how you can empower yourself from all these deceptions, be it new age, fake truther world or other deceptions. I also had to change my healing business name from Pleiadian Healer to Shamanic Self - a change, which was a long time in the coming and finalized last year.

Now: Passing on the knowledge

I teach you how to become well rounded in combatting energetic interference, removing your own implants, AI, intrusions, cords. I show you how to tap into your own intuition without any interference of “guides,” angels, archangels, third party entities, “aliens,” and astral beings. You can learn how to empower yourself from all these things and walk your own path – in full sovereignty of your own power, energy and well-developed psychic senses.

My ultimate goal is for you to discern yourself. To learn the right psychic protect techniques and other methods. Let’s combat the matrix and get out of here together. Or at least make and create this lifetime as vibrant as we can with shared intent.

I strongly believe we all need spirituality and that we seek out spiritual advice and a spiritual community because of where life has led us, let us down, opened our eyes. And since 2020 and on more than ever. However, unfortunately, a lot of spiritual concepts have been highjacked for a very long time already. To spare you some rabbit holes to go down and loops to take, which might confuse and mislead you more than anything, I thought my story could give you more insight. And hope.


You can now follow my journey here on my site or on my YouTube channel.

But most of all, I am grateful to connect with you here. Thank you for reading if you have made it this far! I appreciate you!

In deep gratitude, 


~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

Learn all about the crucial elements of Shamanism, psychic protection, dealing with energetic interference, doing your own AI removals and much more! Have a look here.

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