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The Power Of Forgiving Yourself!

It is often talked about how forgiving others is the key to moving on and finding closure. But I believe forgiving yourself is the most important part of life.

Oftentimes we may never find that closure to a situation or person. What we can do instead is forgive ourselves and what we have been through. Realizing that it is not our fault we fell for that situation. Or that we gave the person so much of our time and headspace. Instead, we can hold space for ourselves and honor this chapter of our lives. How we simply did not know better or how it taught us a valuable lesson about our own selves, too. And how important it is to not be too hard on us but to forgive ourselves and the space we were in.

Forgiving ourselves is the most valuable tool we have in our own toolbox. It may also be the most underused one. As we are conditioned to shift our focus outwards or are quick to blame and point the fingers towards other people, situations.. the world! Forgiving ourselves requires us to be at peace with us. The person we were. The person we are. The person we are becoming. It requires us to keep an open heart towards our own selves and not be our worst enemy. Forgive yourself and you will see the magic happen in your life.

Over the course of these past few weeks I am forgiving myself for all the toxic relationships I was in as a young adult. During times others took advantage of me and I was not mature enough to realize what was really going on. I am forgiving myself for lashing out at others when I was wounded and hurt by these experiences and did not have a key figure in my life to show me how to counteract the situation with love instead. I am forgiving myself for "wasting" years with a person and holding space for him but who was never able to hold space for me because he was in a spaceless, insecure position himself.

I am forgiving myself for moving on from all the friendships or relationships that didn't feel right anymore because my own growth comes first and I know deep down that if my soul remains stagnant I will never be able to be true to myself. I am forgiving myself for treating any pet, animal or living being wrongly in my life because I thought if this is the way others do it, we should all do it.

What do you believe you can forgive yourself? Start finding forgiveness for yourself and see how much comes up for you.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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