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Deprogramming Twin Flames? Why It Is Not Possible

Is it possible to "deprogram" the Twin Flame Collective and to get rid of the Twin Flame connection? In my most recent video on Youtube, I talk about how some truthers have made it their mission to deprogram the false concept of Twin Flames. I debunk some of the nonsense they say, such as that you can simply do this by various lightcodes or cord removals. I also go into depth of what an actual Twin Flame connection is - and what is not. It seems to be a certain misconception among some people that souls are eager to split themselves in half and reincarnate in two different bodies. From all the TF Teaching videos that I have aired already so far, I can assure you that is not really the case. It also seems to be a misconception that the TFs are under influence of an "alien love bite" or other nonsense and that this can be easily undone by doing a few "removals." As someone who is well-versed in Shamanic Healing and energetic removal procedures, I can also assure you that is also not the case. Find the full video at

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