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How To Detox From Heavy Metals

Has the topic of heavy metals been coming up for you lately? A lot of people nowadays have heavy metals in their body or are even under influence of heavy metal poisoning. This is a state, which you do not necessarily want to be in, as it can cause a lot of physical, emotional and energetic problems. Almost all heavy metals are toxic to our system and you want to make sure to get rid of them, if possible.

In addition to disease manifesting in our physical body and all the reasons behind it, we are currently encountering many attacks on our body. A core factor is certainly being in environments and ruled by factions that don't care about our health and us as holistic, well-rounded beings overall. Let's get to this bottom of heavy metals and why they cause poisoning in our bodies.

First, why do we even have heavy metals in our body?

  1. Vaccines

  2. Our food

  3. Our water

  4. Our environment

  5. Mercury poisoning

  6. Lead poisoning

To point 1: Vaccines

The most obvious answer are vaccines. From an early age on we are being injected with a variety of these. Injection schedules have increased from the late 1990ies / early 2000s and on from what the average person would receive in the 1960ies. Whatever you received as a child back in the days is most likely not what your kid, niece, nephew or cousin is receiving nowadays. In addition, they keep adding new "ingredients" into these mystery shots and the most recent Convid one tops it all off in terms of toxicity. Most are not even required when traveling but simply recommended. Yellow fever is a prime example of this. So is the Tdap shot, which is recommended for pregnant women and their relatives due to the whooping cough component. Can you imagine injecting a shot into you when pregnant? Neither can I.

To point 2: Our food

Our food is being poisoned from the start of our existence here in this lifetime, as well. From the 1950ies and on, heck, even WWII and beyond. Our chain supermarkets are just not what they used to be. Specific products are designed to keep us addicted and cause us health harm. Think about the time they replaced table sugar with corn syrup in the 1970ies and many more scenarios. Canola oil is mostly used for cooking and baking needs, especially when you go out for eating in restaurants. However, it may also be linked to cancer, allergies and other illnesses, as it releases toxins into the food once heated up. What started as a great marketing strategy to get rid of obsolete products has come at the cost of our human health. I will write a different article on these things, too. It is therefore not surprising that heavy metals might find their way into our food. Think a cow who has been injected with them or who somehow carries heavy metals. In addition to contaminated fruits, veggies and else. Pesticides sprayed onto crop is another common concern. Nothing is as pure at it seems anymore.

To Point 3: Our water

It may not come as a surprise. Our regular tab water may flow through very old pipes. Lead can easily find their way through. A filter may be advisable in those situations. However, there are other ways it can become contaminated, too. And if they aren't adding heavy metals, they will find ways to add Fluoride, such as in random nestle bottles for kids, which I happened to come across in Tucson, AZ a year ago.

To point 4: Our environment and chemtrails

Why do you think "allergies" are on the rise? It's certainly a mix of a lot of factors but air pollution might very well be one of those. In addition to our skies being sprayed almost around the clock. Especially in urban areas, but of course also in rural and remote areas. The only place I've encountered where the air felt "fresh" was Iceland in the deep winter. I could notice the lack of chemtrails here in 2017 almost immediately. I can't speak about today's times in this country. Sometimes you even see a warning in the weather app on your phone how "unhealthy" the air quality may be outdoors. A fair warning that something has been sprayed.

To point 5: Mercury poisoning

This can happen due to a few reasons. Contaminated fish or seafood may be one. Unfortunately this goes hand in hand in how our food, water and environment is being contaminated and manipulated. Fish nowadays is just not as "fresh" as the one our grandparents had for dinner. It is a real shame as it can help with so many other thing going on in our bodies. A lot of fish farming is happening, too. Our oceans and waters are also experiencing a higher than normal pollution.

To point 6: Lead poisoning

Lead poisoning can be quite severe and take a long time to get out of the system. Symptoms in adults can include headaches, cramps and hyperactivity. For children, this may look different and more extreme. Contaminated water pipes in a home or apartment complex may be the reason. In addition to other scenarios.

There may be many other ways to have heavy metals in your system. These are the most common ones and worth mentioning.

Now that we know of some common ways how mercury and other heavy metals may find their way into our body and system, it is important to know about a few ways on how to get rid of them. Please note that getting rid of heavy metal poisoning or heavy metals in your body in general may take some time. It is not just a one-off where you can pop some miracle pill and you will be cured. It can take anywhere from a few months to 1.5 years to even an entire lifetime in some severe cases of poisoning. However, the symptoms should be diminished after a few weeks or months already, which is perhaps also the reason you were drawn to this topic to begin with.

What are the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning?

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Brain fog

  • Not being able to focus

  • Migraines or headaches

  • Abdominal pain (womb area for women)

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Low body temperature or just feeling chilly

  • Dehydration

  • Stool changes (diarrhea)

  • Prickly sensation all over your body

  • and more!

If you believe you were ever in a situation mentioned above, you may want to consider a detox. Having a pure body rid of any chemicals, metals and other toxins is your divine birthright and could improve your condition to live a longer and healthier life. It may also increase fertility in both men and women, depending on how much poisoning was going on. In the most severe cases, heavy metals can cause Alzheimer's, Autism, heart diseases and more. Metals and other toxins may lead to brain tumors, cancers and other form of dis-eases. Overall, most heavy metals are just not good for our system and most are even toxic. It is therefore advisable to get rid of them.

Is it possible to get rid of heavy metals in your body and if so, how? Here are some ways on how to get rid of any metals, mercury and other gunk in your body. Please note, these are not parasitic detoxes, which will be discussed in a different article. This article solely focusses on heavy metals.

  • Calli tea

  • Pine needle tea

  • Green tea (similar effect to above)

  • Cilantro drops or cilantro

  • Celery drops (be careful with the full-on juice)

  • Epsom salts

  • Dietary fiber (fruits, veggies)

  • Activated charcoal for toxins (not heavy metals)

In my own personal experience, I have found the Calli teas by Sunrider to be HIGHLY effective. Calli is also a plant which can heal and restore the DNA, which is a nice side effect since heavy metals, nano and other gunk may have messed with it or even destroyed parts of it. Pine needle tea was highly recommended for the convid shot. Green tea tends to bind toxins and release them in the urine.

Activated charcoal may be helpful although I consider the teas more powerful. I have also tried the cilantro drops but found them more expensive and less effective than the teas over time.

Epsom salts are put into a bath tub. Then you are able to soak in it for about 30-40 minutes. They are called salts because they have the structure of salts but they are a chemical mix of magnesium sulfate. There are ways on how to get mercury out of the brain with dietary fibers in fruits and veggies. Chelation is another technique used in the medical field.

Overall, it has always drawn me back to the teas for a reason. Specifically the Calli teas. My body was able to release the most during the past few years with these alone.

From a shamanic standpoint, when I work with clients, I offer visualizations and DNA-healing techniques. These are also offered in my Shamanic Healing sessions. A commonality I have found is the DNA-damage people experience after they have taken their shots, specifically the latest one and also when they received an array of shots in the military and so-on. In the DNA-healing, I try to get out as many heavy metals as possible already and I am also able to tell if you are poisoned by EMF radiation or other means. Energy work and visualizations in addition to the methods listed above may be helpful to tackle the heavy metal problem, which we see spread more and more throughout the world these days.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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***Disclaimer: The above article represents my subjective opinion. It won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional and is therefore not a medical guideline.***

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