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Mercury Just Went Direct...

Mercury just went direct this morning around 8:12am EST. I don't know about you guys, but I personally have experienced the typical issues associated with this past Mercury Retrograde. I've had text messages sent to me "disappear" - only to show up a few hours later in a notification, when sometimes it was already too late for it. I've also had other typical communication issues with people and misunderstandings, even when talking in person. Not to mention technology and a few things crashing.

Well, we are still in the Mercury Retrograde shadow period until February 3, so still take it easy if you can. While things should be lifting, there could still be some delays or misunderstandings happening.

Things to pay attention to during these times specifically are:

  • Communication (written, spoken, text, phone)

  • Legal contracts (don't sign during this time unless you absolutely HAVE to! If you do, read the fine print of every legal document thoroughly and a few times.

  • Travel: Expect the typical travel delays or things not going as smoothly as normally.

Have you experienced any of the above during these times? Well, we still have 3 more Mercury Retrogrades to go for 2023. Brace yourself. This is still a good time to go inward and finish all the backend work of things, such as editing of web sites, cleaning up past texts etc.

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