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Toughest Mercury Retrograde We Ever Had? Why This One Is Causing Some Hardships...

Has this Mercury Retrograde been particularly hard on you? Well - you might not be alone. It appears that a lot of people are experiencing a hardship in one form or another during this time. It being in an air sign (Aquarius) probably doesn't help. Even though it's more Gemini and Virgo, which are ruled by Mercury, all air signs are affected since they stand for communication and rationality.

That being said, the second retrograde will actually be during the sign of Gemini. It might be another tough one, as the planet that rules their sign will be in reverse then. This retrograde falling in winter probably does not help when it comes to communication (WIFI), travel plans and more. The storm we are currently seeing in major parts of the US is probably amplified by the current climate and retrograde.

Many people actually have experienced an outage in one form or another during this time or travel plans being completely cancelled due to the snow (yep!). In regards to communication, this period can also be a tough time and if people are unfriending you or even blocking you, as it has happened with a couple of people already, try not to take it personal. Have you experienced some mishaps during this time that you would say are due to the Mercury Retrograde?

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