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Octopus Attacks: Targeted Individuals

Almost two years I talked about the octopuses and how they came from their very own planet - the octopus planet. This time around I got more insight on them. It's ironic that octopuses have three hearts as they were actually created by some Draconian entities to target the hearts of individuals right now. Over these past few days especially (and after being psychically attacked for the post I put out a few days ago) I've been removing a lot of octopuses from my energy field. They usually try to put one over my heart space, but I've also seen one hanging to my crown and in other spots. You know you've stirred the hornets' nest when the darker forces are bringing out the big guns.

While I always have some form of cow webs or other type of AI net over me lately, the octopuses were new even to me. They are harder to remove and I literally have to stab them to death in the astral realm with a Shamanic feather or something else, to get rid of them. I know I am not the only one experiencing these attacks aimed at our heart centers. I am drawing awareness to all the different types of psychic attacks that exist and I would recommend everyone to clean their energy field on a regular basis to get rid of any entities riding off our energy. Find more info in my newest video on the Youtubes.

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