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Process The Year Before Moving On...

"Make sure to process this last year before you move on to the next."

I saw this posted on another person's timeline and it made so much sense to me. Oftentimes there are still a few things that may have not sat right with you. That one thing that did not work out or that one dream that has yet to come true. Maybe you've been rejected, maybe you've felt iffy about something, Perhaps you want to experience that summertime joy again or just move on from your ex. Whatever it is, it is worthy of your attention right now.

One entire year is not just about happiness and joy. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, happenings and events. 2022 is almost over and it deserves the attention it needs. I myself am still processing some perceived "failures" or disappointments from 2019. Despite being able to excuse them through the 2020 crisis and the world shutting down, I know deep down I need to just sit with a few things to finally move on.

2022 was the year of major success and breakthroughs for me. It was also the year my entire life changed as I settled back into New York, got a puppy, didn't travel as much, lost one channel, replaced it with another, was in touch with people from the past again, met new people, changed priorities and set roots. While it may have not been as exciting as previous (travel) years (2016-2019), it was one of the best years for myself and my dreams.

What are you in need of processing before fully entering 2023?

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