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Happy Independence Day! What Is The Real Date?

What Are They Covering Up? America's REAL Independence Day Date!

Has our history been changed? What is the real day and date for America's Independence Day? What does the numerology of the four proposed dates equal and would a different date have been more fortunate for this country than the date we are currently given? Are the Founding Fathers related to the British Crown meaning the same bloodlines rule this world? More in this article!

Happy Independence Day! It is that time of year when the US celebrates it's most important day of the year - or so we thought. July 4th traditionally marks the "birthday" of a nation founded in 1776 and beyond.

While this article heavily focuses on US history, it may not only be of interest to US-Americans but also other nations and countries. It shows if they are messing with the history in this country, most likely they are also doing that in other countries, including the one you belong to. Just in a different way and on a different scale. A great example is when you take a look at the entire world war history and how it's being completely re-written in favor of the victors. This is the case for both world wars we've had so far.

In addition, the US can be considered a world power - or even THE world power. Depending on which statistic you go by, it is always either the first nation listed or among the first three globally. It is also always found to be either the richest country of the world or among the first three or five - once again this depends on which statistic you go by. I personally find Western European countries to be much cleaner than the US and some of the smaller countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland certainly appear richer, as well. But that is up for debate.

What are the four dates?

Let's start off with the dates. You have the following four dates in 1776, which could have all turned into 4th of July:

  • July 2nd

  • July 4th

  • July 8th

  • August 2nd.

July 2nd 1776, which was when the Continental Congress (the Founding Fathers) officially declared its independence from Great Britain. One of the Founding Fathers and early presidents, John Adams, was indeed so set on this particular date that he outright refused (!) to acknowledge the 4th of July date until his death. Ironically he died on 4th of July - perhaps a sign that a curse was on this date? More about it later.

July 4th 1776, which was the date that the Continental Congress determined for us and the rest of the nation as the final Independence Day. This day is not very fortunate and also has karmic components to it.

July 8th 1776, the day the Liberty Bell rang for the first time. This was a humongous bell, which mysteriously had a crack later down the line. Perhaps a sign for a "crack" in our liberty, too?

August 2nd 1776, another plausible date as this was when the Declaration of Independence was fully signed by all 56 Founding Fathers. A full month after the declaration was made.

As you can tell, there is a lot of mystery and cover-up of dates happening when it comes to our freedom and liberty in this nation. Another interesting factor in this mix is that for almost 100 years after, 4th of July was never federally recognized as a holiday. And it was not until 1938-1941 that federal workers and employees received a paid day off on this day. How come if supposedly this is THE most important holiday of the year? Shouldn't the federal workers or everyone receive this day off from the start? Or was it not as clear if this was going to be a major holiday and were there many other dates and events happening in between?

Another interesting factor is that George Washington was not even president until 13 after independence was officially declared. From 1776-1789 this country was ruled by the Continental Congress - which is a committee but not a single person. Mysterious indeed.

What happened in between 1776 and 1941- that warranted for it to not be be a holiday on a federal level? Was this related to the tales of Tartaria? Possible mud floods, of which you still see remnants in Chicago, New York and other US cities and the country side? Was it all part of erasing our history and retelling it in the favor of the elite controlling this nation and other parts of the world? We shall dig deeper.

In addition, all the proposed days also have a different numerology, which we will discuss in a moment. According to Chaldean numerology, July 2nd would have actually had a more favorable numerology than the 4th. Perhaps it would have also set this country and nation on a more peaceful path.

What does July stand for? Meaning and origin.

Let's first go into the meaning and origin of July. July was named in honor of Julius Caesar. Quintilis, which was his birth month, was renamed July when he died. Quintilis means “fifth month” in Latin, which represents where this month originally fell in the Roman calendar. Back in the days the calendar had 10 months. Our calendar system was changed several times throughout history. The last and most significant time was during Pope Gregor times. In 1582 it was changed to the Gregorian calendar (named after him). Before this, new year was celebrated in March in the medieval ages. There was a completely different system overall.

Our natural cycle is more in tune with 13 months. Women tend to have 13 cycles throughout the year. The full moon typically appears 13 times, as well. They could have really done us a number by changing calendar on a natural level and other levels, too.

July is the month of sovereignty. It is certainly no coincidence that three major nations celebrate their independence during this time. You have the US on 4th of July. Then Canada on July 1st. And France and its Bastille Day on July 14th. Also interesting that they were all determined around the same period (1700s). For some reason, Denmark also celebrates 4th of July - the American one, not its own.

Canada is still under the crown, together with Australia, New Zealand and a total of 15 countries. It is therefore not fully sovereign. These places also had the worst lockdowns a few years ago with horrendous mandates, restrictions, testing requirements... I believe Australia also still has the Queen on one of its currency bills. A sign that on a monetary level they are not completely sovereign, either.

A short historical overview:

What are they teaching the children in school? What did you learn in school?

You had the war between the colonists and Great Britain, which started with the Boston massacre and other events in 1770. In 1773 you had the Boston tea party, during which rebels went aboard British vessels and dumped the exact number of 342 chests of tea into the ocean as a sign of the protest. How the exact number came about is still a mystery, unless it was logged somewhere, which is almost doubtful at this point. Probably another numerology number thrown at us. Then 1774 some Founding Fathers already want freedom but it was not fully implemented until 1776 supposedly.

In regards to the Founding Fathers, there were exactly 56. 56 equals 11 - a not so fortunate number. It is a spiritual master number (same with 22, 33, 44 and so on), but overall its numerology is pretty horrendous for future events so one does have to wonder what is up with that. Especially since only 5-8 Founding Fathers really mattered according to reports.

King George and family tree

Then we have King George with his Queen Charlotte. Together they ended up having 15 children, which seems like a lot - even for those days. Both derived from the Hanoverian line, which is the Hannover area in Germany. Incest ran and perhaps still runs rampant in European royal blood lines, as we know at this point. Which is also why you had some royals with genetic disorders. It is not entirely clear whether or not Queen Charlotte was half-black, half-white, or a quarter-African or mixed. Some of her portraits depict a clear African heritage. In others, this part is either not mentioned or covered up. This may be a clue to African leaders having ruled in Europe at one point, too and her ancestry being a part of that. As African colonization was still in its very beginning stages and barely existent (1880s and beyond).

King George was known for being the "insane king" and also the king who lost America under his rule. I know him more as the mad king. It appears that for more than half of his reign he was unfit to rule. It is unsure if it was schizophrenia, a bipolar personality disorder or something to that affect. Apparently it was not "just" depression, but must have been more severe. Of course these things are hard to fully diagnose in retrospect. A fact was that for more than half of his reign, he was unable to rule. This meant Charlotte was ruling for most of the time. Considering she was pregnant 15 plus times, this most likely means not much ruling happened after all, as pregnant women were mostly excluded from politics back in the day. It is therefore not surprising America was lost under George's rule.

Here in NYC, one of the oldest cities of the US, you still have a few areas which go back to his reign and the reign of the Georges before him. In Upper Manhattan you have Ft. Tryon and right next to it an area called Fort George. I personally did not know the name had to do with him. And when you go further South to Brooklyn the busy street Kings Highway is also named after a King George. Interesting facts in one of the oldest cities of the US.

King George came into power after two other powerful royal lines died out and actually his line was not considered to be very powerful according to some historic scriptures. Before him you had the House of York, then Tudor, both running into one. This line came to an end with Queen Elizabeth I. Then you had the Stuarts. And finally King George III.

Overall Great Britain and its royal line started in the 1000s or early 1100s, because of a Scandinavian line or what you would now consider Denmark/ Sweden are. A Viking named Æthelstan, also known as Edward's Son. In the 1100s you had a King John and it is said that almost all presidents derive from him or are directly related to him. An interesting video made by a teenager started floating around in 2020 and she made the connection between the British ancestry of the American presidents and this particular British line.

I believe she even had the full family tree and drew out how they were all related. These are the people who determined the date of independence and who "represent" the US from the early days on. If you want to go into how certain bloodlines or elite groups and factions control the world, that could be one way of doing it. If they are all related somehow, it does make sense.

Who were the Founding Fathers?

From all the supposed 56 Founding Fathers, actually only 5 drafted the Declaration of Independence. And of those five, only one person was the main drafter: Thomas Jefferson, also an early president. He drafted the document between June 11-28th, which could have all turned into potential freedom dates, too. Because July in and of itself is not a very fortunate month. A lot of heatwaves happen during this time, at least in the original 13 colonies. It also happens to be eclipse season mostly and the most criminal month in NY according to mainstream statistics. Perhaps not the most ideal time for a "drunk" holiday in the summer heatwave.

In my video from last year, a viewer commented on it, saying how she had looked up all biographies of the Founding Fathers and how most or a lot of them seemed made up and made more glorious than reality could show. This could maybe be because only 5 - 8 people really mattered. These were the ones who drafted the original piece. Were there really 56 people? Who knows.

Also surprising that a grandchild of one of the first presidents was still alive up until recently. If we consider mud floods, giant history and people turning much older than we are told, perhaps this would be a clue. Is the elite keeping their lineage alive for much longer than the average person? Through what? Genetic engineering? A machine? Perhaps a different video on that.

Philly's Liberty Bell: A giant cast

En par with the giant history, you have this humongous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. I personally saw it in 2016. It was impressive to look at. Overall this area and the DC area have a lot of history to view. If you ever make it down there...

However, after standing in line for over an hour to view the bell, of course I noticed the crack in it. No one really knows how this crack came about. Whether it was a poor cast material or caused by a move... What it reminded me of back then already was a crack in the message of freedom and liberty. And America's liberty in particular.

The Liberty Bell rang for the first time on July 8th, 1776.

Numerology and meaning of numbers

What to the numbers mean and how does it impact the energy of the land and country when specific dates was chosen?

The Chaldean numerology of 4 is as follows:

"The builder and practical person who values details. Fours represent law, order, security, and stability. They prefer conventional routine with a focused state of mind. They develop a practical nature through self discipline and concentration. On the positive side they are tenacious and loyal. On the negative side they are stubborn, confrontational, and a workaholic. Fours are masters of management with a well built sense of order."

The Chaldean numerology of 2 is as follows:

"The partner and diplomat who values cooperativeness. Twos represent a pair or duo, the principle of receptivity, and tactfulness. They prefer to be a follower though they seek inner balance and unity. Two’s seek unity between two distinct entities, like good and evil, true or false, positive and negative. They are cautious but flexible. On the positive side they are creative and sensitive . On the negative side they are moody, shy, and irrational. Twos are modest with a desire for collaboration."

One does have to wonder if by choosing number 4, the karma of the land was emphasized. As the US always seems to be at war with other nations and also in its own country. Number 2 implies more passivity but also more collaboration and peace. In my opinion, number 2 would have been a better number for this country.

Find the full video with more details and a round-up on my Youtube channel and also below. Thank you for reading this far.

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