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Introduction to Chakras: What They Are and Why You Should Care

Chakras are the energy vortexes that lie above your non-physical body and are a part of your auric field. There are hundreds of chakras in your body, but perhaps the most common ones are the seven chakras that lie above the center of your body. From bottom to head, these are:

Your root chakra is in the base of your spine, the sacral chakra lies below your navel, the solarplexus chakra is above your navel, the heart chakra is right in your heart area, the throat chakra is above your throat, the third eye chakra (or brow chakra) is in between your eyebrows, the crown chakra is above your head (in your so-called crown area).

Different colors are associated with these chakras, although they can vary. For example, your root chakra is often associated with a red color but earthy colors, such as brown and black, also resonate with it greatly. The sacral chakra has the color orange assigned to it, the solarplexus chakra is often imagined as yellow. The heart chakra has two colors: Pink for a loving energy (either romantically or self-love) and green for a more healing energy. The throat chakra is often visualized as blue and the third eye chakra is purple, although I often visualize my third eye chakra as blue, as well. The crown chakra seems to most often have a white or clear color associated with it.

The colors mean that you can either use crystals or any other symbols that have colors like this and associate them with the chakras. For example, you could use a pink rose quartz to work with a heart chakra after a break-up but you would use a malachite to work with the same chakra if you have physical pain in that spot. Whatever pain or ailment manifests in your physical body, will have gone through your chakra system first. Perhaps if you are feeling ungrounded and your root chakra is imbalanced, then this could manifest as a headache or other symptoms around your head area. Although the head does not lie above the root chakra, symptoms can spread to different parts of the body. Having a headache might mean you need more grounding in your base or feet, which ultimately leads back to an imbalanced root chakra. Having thyroid or throat issues usually has to do with an imbalanced or repressed throat chakra, which could be anything from not speaking your truth right now to having been repressed in a previous lifetime.

Chakras can be imbalanced and balanced differently at several points in time. You might find one chakra imbalanced when you wake up but at the end of the day you will see it in a more balanced state. Whatever experiences or emotions you are going through in the duration of a day, month or year will greatly affect your chakras and how open or closed they are. Knowing more about your chakras and chakra balancing can be one of your first steps to discovering your power of self-healing, listening to your body more and tuning into your intuition, past lifetimes and other psychic experiences. With one chakra being out of balance, the possibility of another chakra being out of balance is great. For example, having both an imbalanced sacral and throat chakra is not too uncommon as an artist, when you have to empower yourself to speak your truth and create the art you desire (instead of working a corporate job or on commission-based projects, which do not carry your voice or vision).

There is so much to say about chakras, but this provides a brief overview of the meaning of the chakra system. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will dig deeper into each chakra and associate a certain crystal or color (or anything else), which you can use to work with it.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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