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No, I don't remember being psychic when I was small... (A personal story)

No, I don’t remember being psychic when I was small. I don’t have those memories of seeing or hearing or knowing spirits were around me. I always had a strong intuition and knew when someone wasn’t genuine to me or wanted something from me, which was not matching my integrity. But other than that - nothing. The only thing I know is that I was always able to tap into ghosts. I didn’t see them. It was more of a knowingness. I remember my first ghost “encounters” as a teenager but it wouldn’t be until almost a decade later that I was ready to acknowledge them for what they were and fully tap into my psychic senses to retrieve what I needed to.

I had my first big spiritual awakening in 2014. A breakup with a relationship that was not serving me anymore, leaving a job that was taxing on my soul and digging deeper into the world of philosophy led me to finally read Eckhart’s Tolle book: The Power of Now. The teachings I gained from this book and there on were so pronounced, that I was blissfully living in the present (and the present moment only) for almost six months of my life. Lots of wonderful things happened then. They helped me get through a lot of struggles and learning curves, which were thrown at me during this period, too. Tolle was just the beginning. In 2015 I had my first two past life regressions – one which was great, the other which was not so great. But both ultimately teaching me what I needed to know just at that moment.

I was not ready to fully awaken yet. Had my psychic senses been activated then, I probably would have not known what to do with them yet or how to handle the influx of information I was finally receiving two years later. Fast forward to 2017: It was a very different time. People, especially in the US, were not happy with the change in climate, politics and many other factors. In March 2017, I tapped into my long-forgotten past as a crystal healer. Within one month, I had accumulated more than 50 gem stones. This also needs to be told in another story. Crystals helped me awaken my psychic senses, but so did meditation. And many other spiritual teachers, who have since come and gone. I didn’t even start channeling until less than a year ago. While I had always received some sort of visions or messages during meditation, I was now ready to tap into it whenever I needed to and desired to.

Growth takes time. It takes practice. Some days, you won’t see a result from one day to another. On other days you will. I remember it taking months until I was finally comfortable in putting myself out there fully and provide my gifts to the world. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you see others talking about the Akashic Records, past lives and everyone being psychic and you feel like you are left out somehow. Everyone does have these abilities. But it might not yet be your time. For things to fall in place and make perfect sense, a lot of different things are required. Divine timing of places, people and epiphanies are just a few of these.

Had someone asked me even two years ago if I had ever pictured this life for me, I would have never believed them. But I was willing to come into this world with an open-minded mentality and forego all sentiments of judgement and good and bad, which I still have occasionally (we all do).

How did you awaken your psychic senses? Are you feeling the call?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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