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The Hawaii Fires: An 8/8 Ritual Meant To Happen?

Exactly one week ago on August 8th, 2023, Lahaina on Maui was burnt to ashes in the legendary Hawaii fires. The media has hyped this event up as wild fires. This article shares a few different perspectives on what may be really going on. It also highlights how people feeding into the Lion's Gate Portal have made this fire worse or at least the agenda behind it.

The Hawaii fires of August 2023 - what is really going on? You have different perspectives to every matter. The fires in Maui and Big Island are no exception. What was deemed as wildfires by the mainstream media and government has quickly spiraled into many other directions. The locals are upset because they are not receiving the help they need. Meanwhile, further fires are happening and are hard to keep in check. Here are at least three angles and view points on what is going on in Hawaii right now:

Perspective 1: DEW machines and the government causing the fires to enforce the smart city agenda?

In the truther community especially, you have the perspective of the government causing the fires in order to destroy the land for the locals and build up their own agenda. Whether or not this agenda is to install smart cities on sacred land or to make the locals even more poor - it's probably a mix of all. These fires, which are hyped as wild fires, show a destruction to an extent it is impossible to ignore that nature could not be doing this. Several mainstream articles have already stated that the Big Island fires were started with arson. It would therefore not be far fetched to assume the same about Maui. Or the fact that DEW machines are in use, which are airplanes dropping off chemical bombs over the woods and trees and igniting the fires. This is oftentimes the case when it comes to the Out West "wild fires" you find in California, Oregon, Washington state and many other parts. DEW stands for directed-energy weapon. Hawaii is home to many different military branches, such as the US army, Air Force and naval bases. And in certain parts you have NASA, such as in the Kauai rainforest.

Then there is also Miss Oprah Winfrey and her 6.6 million dollar property. The number 66 is oftentimes used by Satanists and Freemasons alike. Oprah has been a "long-term resident" of Maui. However, she just recently acquired this new property in the spring of 2023. Some say it was barely touched by the fire damage while others show a form of destruction. No matter what happened to it, it is most likely insured in a much better way than any property a regular Hawaii local or native has.

Perspective 2: Did New Agers ignite the fires even more by feeding into the ritualistic meaning of the Lionsgate Portal?

You have the perspective that the Lionsgate Portal is an 8/8 number. And 808 happens to be the area code of all Hawaiian islands, including Maui and Big Island. Did New Agers feed into the masonic rituals mentioned in my previous blog posts (read more here and here) by meditating, praying and manifesting during this portal? Did they ignite the fires even more since their energy was harvested and syphoned off and used by the matrix controllers to control the weather in a more favorable way for them?

If you imagine that everything is energy, including you and I, thoughts, emotions, the spoken word, the unseen realm - this makes a lot of sense. Instead of the New Agers manifesting more things for their own lives during the Lionsgate Portal, they gave their energy away and it was used for a different agenda. The energy had to go somewhere. As already discussed in previous posts, the word "portal" implies something comes in and out.

In a similar way, if people were to come together en masse and meditate together or manifest a rainstorm to help the fires out, this would probably work. Why don't they do just that? Something I have noticed over the almost ten years of dealing with New Agers myself is that they don't like to manifest world peace or less hunger for the poorer nations unless it concerns them directly. So unless their prayers and manifestations are directed towards their own abundance, romance or other personal wishes, they couldn't care less about rain for Hawaii or other world areas. If it's not their own manifestation that comes true, they actually don't care much for the the general people or world events, as sad as it sounds. Triggered by this? Prove me wrong.

Perspective 3: Land carries energy. Has Hawaii been overtaken by greed a long time ago?

Yet another perspective that I wish to share is the one of land and its energy. Every land, home, house, apartment, ranch, wood area will carry energy. The land energy imprint has its own karma. You can feel this all over the world and in certain pockets it will feel more intense and spiritual than in others. Hawaii is known to be sacred land. Certain areas in Latin America, such as Mexico and Guatemala carry strong Mayan history. Perhaps the Amazon forest still feels untouched. The Middle East might feel intense and enlightening, depending on where you go. Bali in Indonesia draws people to it for a reason.... All these sites carry healing energy and Hawaii more than ever.

Maui is sacred land and the heart center of the Earth realm. Sacred land is meant to be visited for healing or spiritual insight. It can also serve as a refuge when there is turmoil in your life. However, it is never or very rarely meant to be lived on the way people have been flocking to Hawaii especially since 2020 and on. Greed by non-locals took over the land over the past three plus years. And when this happens, of course you will have a disaster happen the way it did recently. Why does Maui and Hawaii hurt so much? Because it's the beating heart of Earth. It carries profound energy and you can for sure feel that when you are there. I myself have visited Hawaii twice in my life. Once Oahu and once Kauai. Kauai gave me the most healing I could have ever felt back in 2018. But even back then it already felt infiltrated and the energy was off.

Hawaii may be similar to Sedona. Every native American tribe knows it's never meant to be lived on or populated. It was used as a place to visit to gain profound wisdom due to the vortexes. It was always meant to be traveled to, nothing else. However, Hawaii feels very different from Sedona and spiritual in a different way.

The background of Hawaii also includes Pele, which is the fire goddess. And the name Maui comes from a trickster god, who was a descendant of Pele or who somehow also carried fire with him. The energy of the land is fire. Together with a bad government agenda, fire can act explosively on the land that already carries so much of its own innate volcano and fire energy. People may be upset in pointing out how sacred Hawaii is and how infiltrated it has become. Before the fires, reports of crime, auto thefts and other robberies have gone up. Upset people should question their own motives if they moved there, especially recently. Are they a native? Do they honor the ancestral energy of the land? Or did they move there for the money? Was it the healing energy that attracted them to the island? Did they receive it and are ready to move on? Or are they abusing the sacred place and trying to make the big buck from it when they have no ancestral ties or business to do so? Everything happens for a reason. Alcohol, drugs, and homelessness do not belong on sacred land and if the natives are abusing it, you will have weird energy, which I felt in Kauai already. If you are a shaman living there and your partner is a luxury realtor all of a sudden, how are you honoring the land? It's a contradiction to say the least.

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