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What Is Poisoning You?

What is poisoning you? What is toxic to us? How our reality can become toxic to us on all levels. Read more in this article.

The concept of poisoning may be coming up for a lot of people these days. The past few years have probably shown us at this point how toxic and poisonous a certain type of environment and programming can be. The Convid-years from 2020 and on were indeed a prime example of "poison" and the concept that ties into it.

Poison does not just mean literal poison - for example when Romeo swallows the poison bottle because he cannot be without his love. Poison comes in many sizes and forms. Of course you have the poison that at one point was invented and sold to people. Oftentimes it came from herbs or other tinctures. From around 4,500 to 1,500 BC and on already it has been documented how people have taken poison to end their own lives. Cleopatra being a example of this.

But there are many different types of poisoning and it is not just black and white like swallowing that tincture from a bottle. A poison, once it manifests in our reality, is a sign of a more deeper problem and trauma, which needs our attention before things get worse.

What are the different types of poison?

Taking or being surrounded by poison does not always mean you will die. It can however cause an extreme reaction. It can also go hand in hand with a detox. You have different types of poisoning.

  1. Actual poisoning coming from poison

  2. Physical poisoning coming from overdoses of other material

  3. Energetic poisoning

  4. Mind poisoning

  5. Other types of poisoning

And of course all types are connected to each other in one way or another. Energetic poisoning can happen due to people, the mind, words or energies that just don't go well together. Physical poisoning can happen due the chemicals or other substances, which are now found everywhere, including our food, water, drinks, clothing, bed sheets, towels, skies - you name it. There is also a slower type of poisoning, such as after food poisoning ( a huge sign that you are not stomaching a situation or feel guilty about something, by the way), cancer or other upsets and more severe illnesses.

What are the body's main detox organs?

When the concept of poison and poisoning comes into our reality, it is oftentimes a sign that various different factors are at play. People may not know that they are being poisoned on an energetic level until it impacts their own body and physical symptoms show up. It is therefore important to know that our body has six very crucial organs, which are our main detox organs. These body parts are:

  1. The lungs

  2. The kidneys

  3. The liver

  4. The skin

  5. The colon

  6. The lymphatic system

Oftentimes there will be a pain associated with one of these organs and it is therefore crucial to understand what is really going on. Take the liver and kidneys as an example. In my opinion, these are the most crucial organs when it comes to detoxing and our body purging toxins, heavy metals, poisonous substances and other things.

A person who experiences kidney issues may not necessarily feel pain in their kidneys or have blood in their stool. This would be a huge SOS sign and last resort by the body. Instead, the pain creeps in slowly through other means. The lower back and pain in the knees are oftentimes associated with the kidneys and something going on in that area. At least according to Eastern and more traditional medicine.

Issues with the lymphatic system can express themselves in swollen legs, feet or other body parts. Breaking out, acne or eczema of our skin is oftentimes associated with our skin and body detoxing, purging, trying to balance out hormones, past life memories and many other things.

How can we heal from the poison?

There are different ways to approach the problem. One way may seem the most obvious route and that is the one of food. How we nourish our bodies and the foods we eat are just one part of the solving the problem. With kidney and liver issues it is crucial to avoid sugars and certain types of food, as those can actually feed into the pain and make the problem worse. Sugar is also detrimental for cancer.

However, another way to approach the problem in a more holistic way is to also consider what caused the actual stressor or factor and if it is environmental. Environmental is not just related to our food, water, skies and other factors. But it can mean our energetic environment and our mind set. The poison and necessary detox enters our lives when we are kept in a place that is not serving us anymore. Examples of this could be bullying at school or being caught up in a toxic work environment. The stress and trauma experienced in such environments can damage our energy fields, nervous systems, minds and other things. A toxic environment can be made toxic not just through physical matter. But certainly also by other people, overall energies and other factors.

Someone who may be experiencing a highly stressful work or home environment may also experience symptoms of kidney or liver damage. Or their hair, which is tied to the adrenal glands, which are tied to our detox organs, might start falling out or changing its shape and become less vibrant. In turn, the person may not have changed anything about their diet, water or actual nourishment. However, a change of emotional, mind, and diet may be necessary to deal with the issue going forward.

People can argue that nothing was really wrong with their lives before xyz was introduced (a new vaccine, a new cell phone tower, a new food, a new something). But our physical environments are usually just a response to a deeper and underlying problem in our energetic, emotional and mind state and need to be addressed in such a way, too. There is always a deeper and higher message to these issues than what meets the eye.

Poisoning will most likely not be instantly. Although it can. But it is most likely a process, which has been going on for a little while already and has been impacting our lives. The slower types of poisoning, such as holding in emotions and not expressing ourselves properly can also manifest in our stomach areas. This happens mostly for men, who have not been shown how to express their emotional upsets in a tolerable way without appearing "weak" and unmanly by others.

Healing from poisoning, no matter what type, may take some time and won't be an overnight success. However, if done right, it can be rewarding, as it will lead to deeper insight on our psyche and body and how these interact with each other.

Watch more in the video below:

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