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Sessions & Offerings

Soul Remembrance and Soul aWAKEning Sessions:

Intuitive Guidance Readings & Healing Sessions


Please note:

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – and clients from all over the world are able connect with me in this way. Readings are usually done via Zoom (or Skype), as they automatically record the reading.

A detailed description of all sessions and webinars offered is provided by clicking on each offering individually. This will also take you directly to the booking link and my dates / times of availability. 


Intuitive Readings
& Coaching

Receive answers on a multitude of topics going on in your life. These are live Zoom readings...


Tarot Card Readings

(Recorded video, 15 mins or 30 minutes long.)  Working with the powerful energies of a variety of different Tarot & Oracle Card...


DNA Healing

DNA Healings are for return clients only. They can be quite powerful to remove heavy metals...


Shamanic Healings

Shamanic (Reiki) Healing: AI Implant Removal, Cord Removal, Soul Retrievals, AI Overlay Removals and ....


Written Answers

(Written Reading) 1 question one answer or 3 questions 3 answers provided in writing.  


Pet Healing

Contact me for more information. 

More Info

Starseed Readings

(Written Reading) Starseed Origins, cosmic lineages and past lifetimes on other star systems and planets and ...


Courses & Webinars

Find all my courses, webinars and workshops here

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